Ghosts of Big Whup Past

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In the past few months, Big Whup has been experiencing some changes- we have been losing and gaining weight, growing taller, and noticing hair in new places… You see, we lost a violist to the field of neuroscience, gained a trumpeter from the realm of holistic healthcare, forfeited an accordion player to a hand-drawn universe, and acquired a guitarist from the land of Pizza!. To commemorate those pioneers who are no longer with us, we are posting videos from our very first performances. They’re a bit embarrassing, but we are a tween of a band and not trying to hide it.

“Double Rainbows” from our first ever show- Tiny Creatures with Julia Holter and Pizza!

“Yay!” from our Valentine’s Dance show with the Studiofix and Puppies & Kittens at the now extinct 122 Glendale (a.k.a the Cog, White Slave Trade, Weekend Warriors…)

“Caitlin’s Fast Song” at the Smell


Jed’s photos from the Smell

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Our pal, Jedediah Johnson, posted lots of pictures he took at the Pizza! record release show, April 5th at the Smell. You can see them at this online gallery. There are pictures of Big Whup, the Studiofix, and Pizza!

Amy at the SmellRand and Jenna at the SmellJenna and Rand at the SmellDrew and Amy at the Smell

Ahoy! Ports O Call

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Ports O Call listed us as a “Current Love” in issue #9. We are totally swooning!

Ports O Call

A Whole New World

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we are new.  we don’t have any recordings yet, but we have a few videos on youtube.  you can see them at the big whup myspace or at drew’s youtube account.  we have a show on may 30th at the santa fe cafe in fullerton, california with the studiofix.

Santa Fe Cafe flyer


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