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We are so very happy we played this show!! We always love hangin with Josh and Rebecca of Watercolor Paintings, our favorite brother-sister duo and our number one pick for the next Big Whup Industries compilation! They introduced us to Iji– a super-fun sing-along band from Seattle that we’re hoping we’ll get to visit sometime soon- and Fishboy, another amazing band from my home state of Texas! I missed the first couple bands because I was working all day at Sunset Junction for LA Record, which was a really sweaty time but also kind of incredible because I got to ride the Berry-Go-Round, the ferris wheel, and the swings TWICE!! Thanks, Adam. That family pack sure did come in handy! But Funtasia was a total bust– I mean, it was pretty funny when we got stuck at the dead end inside of the pitch black trailer hallway and had to turn around so we could ask the toothless crackhead with the giant electric blue disco ball sunglasses for a flashlight so we could try to make our way through to the other side… but it definitely did not deserve the name Funtasia, and children should definitely not go in there. Or anywhere near that crackhead. Anywho, our show was awesome and we made lots of new friends. Hopefully we’ll have a crazy Girlhouse show with all of them sometime in the near future!


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