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It’s been a big and fun few weeks for us in Big Whup. We showed you some pictures from our video session with Tony and Gabe, who have now posted “Yaay!” and “Trim” on their website. We’ve linked to the videos below so you can check them out. Thanks again to Tony and Gabe for their friendship and hard work.

Big Whup – Yaaaay! from Tony and Gabe on Vimeo.

Big Whup – Trim from Tony and Gabe on Vimeo.

We self-released a compilation, through our new Big Whup Industries imprint, at the Smell on Saturday and it was an awesome success! Called “What is Happening…,” the comp features “Yaay!” and “Trim” as well as twenty-one tracks from some of our favorite local and semi-local musicians. Last night Geoff dropped off some free copies of the comp at Pehrspace and Tribal Cafe, and soon it will be available from a vending machine at CalArts for the nominal price of a dollar. You can also just come find us out in the street (use the pictures on this website as a guide), introduce yourself, and ask us for one. We’ve got quite a few.

We’ve also had the pleasure of being included on a couple of other compilations that we didn’t curate ourselves! “Cover My Eyes” is track nine on Radio Free Silverlake’s Fall 2009 mix, and we’re stoked to be lined up with friends we love and admire, like the Happy Hollows and the Monolators. “Trim” has been included as the penultimate track on “Eargasms 6,” a compilation from Vertical House Records in Huntsville, AL that can be downloaded here. In addition to North Alabama heartthrobs like Thomas Function and the Pine Hill Haints, the comp also has a lot of hip and happening touring bands on it, including Times New Viking, Woods, and Jay Reatard. Thanks RFSL’s Joe Fielder and Vertical House’s Ashley and Andy Vaughn for choosing to include our music on their mixes!


BIG WHUP t-shirts!!!

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Last Friday, Darija came over to Girlhouse and helped us screen print Big Whup shirts! They look AWESOME. We made crop tops, tie dye tank tank tops, day glo t-shirts, and more! Girlhouse is covered in BIG WHUP. W00t!

Tie dye tees and tanks are $10, all American Apparel items (crop tops, tanks, day glo tees, etc.) are $13. Email us if you’d like to buy one. Let’s make a deal!

Big Whup Underground

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After our video shoot with Tony and Gabe, we played a super late show somewhere underground downtown. We were quite delirious by the end of the night, and there were lots of shenanigans.

Sunset on Girlhouse Garden Porch: Tony and Gabe video shoot

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Wednesday September 2, 2009: After months of cheeky text messaging and aborted missions to Tijuana, we finally got together to shoot a video with Tony and Gabe of Tony and Gabe present. It was SO MUCH FUN! We set up on Girlhouse Garden Porch as the sun began to set, the sky white with smoke from the Station Fire. It was weird because sunsets are usually so colorful here, but this one was eerily white. Grey. Then night. We played “Trim”, “Yaaaay!”, “Cover My Eyes” and “Can’t Take My Beast From Me”. We can’t wait to see the video!!! A million thank yous and bear hugs and pony nuzzles to Tony and Gabe who stuck around all night in an underground bunker to watch us play our set AGAIN that night at our show.

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