Where Does the Honeybee Live?

April 28, 2010 at 11:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

After picking up the Big Whup record jackets, Morgan and I decided to make a Lola Loshkey recording. We put on our skeleton suits, ate mushroom cupcakes, and made a song called “Where Does the Honeybee Live?”*

We wanted to surprise Christine with a cupcake and a record, so we waited in her room for about two hours but she didn’t come home. Morgan decided to get some work done while we waited:

*There is a big bush with purple flowers growing out of the stairs on Girlhouse side porch. Every day, it is covered with bees. They love it! Paul hates them, but I won’t cut it down because bees are good to have around. Thing is, I feel this interaction is a bit too one-sided. These bees are taking all our nectar and not giving us any honey. SO I have decided to follow them home, find out where they live and ask them for a little bit of honey. I heard that if you smoke beneath the hive, the bees think their hive is on fire so they vacate. That’s when you grab the honey! But I probably won’t do this plan because I think it’s mean plus I don’t smoke.


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