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from Geoff:

Our pal Sean Carnage (pictured at left) recently ran a very cool Big Whup feature on his website. It includes a video playlist! In order to do the piece, he asked all of us to complete short interview questionnaires. The problem, though, is that we’re all incredibly loquacious. If Sean had run every word we’d written, then he probably would have bankrupted himself on bandwidth costs.

While we understand why he needed to trim our fat, we also wanted the world to be able to read some of the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor. In particular, I wanted to share the admission that Big Whup’s song “Trim” is a direct rip-off of ABBA’s “One of Us.” Thankfully, we have our own blog for stuff like that.

We all wanted to share our answer to the following omitted question from Sean: “What was it you first noticed about each of your band mates that made you go, “I can play music with this person!?”

Here’s what I said:

“Rand and I had lived together for a while before he joined the other band that we’re in together, Pizza! I always thought we could play music together, but I realized that he was truly amazing when Pizza! wrote a song called “the Future?” and Rand dropped this incredibly sick fast drum roll to punctuate the chorus, like a “ratta-tatta-tat.” It made the entire song work.

Jenna's smile, Party's butt: Big Whup at the Smell on May 1. Photo: Mapi Hom.

For quite a while before joining Big Whup, I’d been admiring Jenna’s bass work in her previous band, the Studiofix. I never really figured we’d be in a band together, but I’d always been excited by her fluid, rough-and-tumble bass lines. Those bass lines (and her steely stage presence) were the best part of the Studiofix, and now they’re the backbone of Big Whup.

Morgan is such a multi-faceted and well-trained musician. She always comes up with just the right part, and it always seems like a cinch. There was a period of time during which she wasn’t in Big Whup, and I wanted to get a sprightly violin line for a lil’ solo jam I was recording– Morgan came over to my house and basically did exactly what I heard in my brain without any real prompting from me. It’s been true love ever since.

As with everyone in the band, I’ve known Drew since long before my entry into Big Whup. Drew has her hands in many different pots o’ gold, and I wasn’t sure how serious she was about music when she started the band. Yet when I finally saw Big Whup (at their first show, at Tiny Creatures, back in 2007), I immediately wanted a part of it. Drew was filled with an ebullient joy that I’d seldom seen in her, and I wanted to get closer to that joy than I could get from the sidelines. The group didn’t want me at first, but I was tenacious.”

PS: I went to Myspace to find a picture from that Tiny Creatures show and look at what I found! Check out Morgan’s allegiance to her Kurt Cobain throwback jersey and bum hat! Two shows in a row, baby!

"All Apologies" at Tiny Creatures.

"Come As You Are" at L'Keg.


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