Why I Love my Whuppers

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From Drew:

Yesterday, Geoff posted his answers to a question Sean Carnage asked us about why we wanted to play music with each other. The question got edited out of Sean’s awesome web feature on us, because our answers were too long. Here are my answers:

“Morgan was one of the very first people I told about my dream of
starting a band. I didn’t know how to play anything, and just the
thought of singing in front of people made me feel sick. Morgan is
like the epitome of a ‘real’ musician. She’s been playing viola since
she was eight. She went to conservatory. She could pick up a baby
and make music come out. We drunkenly admitted to one another that we
wanted to make a band but we decided to become EMTs first. We
enrolled in the super intensive EMT program at UCLA and spent 9 hours
a day, six days a week learning how to set fractures, predict
seizures, stop bleeding, and diagnose neurological emergencies. We
took the bus to class and shared a blanket cause it was so cold in
those classrooms you could see every body’s nipples. I didn’t easily
absorb the logic of emergencies- I react with my gut cause I’ve been
dealing with ambulances and hospitals my whole life but Morgan always
knows the explanation for everything. Watching her help this pair of
cops in our class understand the neurophysiological effects of a
stroke while I avoided the cops by swapping drug overdose stories with
our teacher called to my attention some difference between us that
makes me want to make things with her. Oh, and that time we made out
in the back seat of a moving car for absolutely no reason. I love

I knew I wanted Jenna to be my friend when she told me her favorite
color was denim and surprised me with her kitchen cabinet full of
teddy bears. I’ve always looked up to her because she can remain calm
in any situation. She’s Big Whup’s resident bad ass. We lived
together for years, and one of my favorite things to do was to go
watch Jenna play bass. She’s a natural! She hears a song once and
knows what to do. She wakes up with bass lines written in her dreams.
I never thought she’d agree to play in Big Whup because she was
already in a band – they played all the time, and their music was much
‘tougher’ than what I was writing. I felt like a dorky kid asking the
cool girl on a date, which I guess is what it was. Lucky for me she
said yes. She’s been in it since the very beginning and is now one of
the most important people in my life. She makes everything look easy
– even a ruptured gallbladder! But she never gets mad at anyone for
not being as good as she is. I love Jenna.

Rand used to play drums in a band called Deathskull and her Rigormorts
which was my favorite band to jump around to in college. I loved
watching Rand cause he plays with such joy- give him the darkest,
weirdest material and he will build for it a skeleton of bliss. He’s
so incredibly kind and supportive and positive- Rand is one of those
people who makes Christians believe in angels. I played my very first
song for him on the Girlhouse porch– it’s a really cheesy song, and I
could barely make a bar chord– and he just patted me on the shoulder
and said, “You should do that more often. In front of other people.”
He gave me a ride to my very first time playing music in front of
people, and I told him in the car that I didn’t want to do it. He
blasted “Lay All Your Love On Me” by ABBA and told me to relax. Rand
is the best friend because he reacts to sadness and fear with just the
right mix of sympathy and ‘shut the fuck up’. Deathskull had
dissolved and I missed seeing him play drums so I asked Rand to play
with us. I didn’t even have a second song, and I figured he’d be to
busy with his robots but he said yes. I love Rand.

I wanted to play music with Geoff for years before we asked him to
join Big Whup- I liked his songs, and I liked how confident he was
about it all. More than anything, Geoff taught me the sheer power of
confidence. I knew I could play music with him the day we got stoned
and made a bizarre cover of “Low Rider” that quotes a Degrassi episode
about child abuse. “Does he beat you?” we yelped and chanted. Geoff
helped me get comfortable with myself and with my life so that I could
play with it. He taught me the therapeutic power of the absurd and for
that I am forever grateful. I love Geoff.”


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