Free festival on Saturday in Pasadena

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The mayor thinks you'll enjoy this.

By all indications, this will be fun. According to Mayor Bill Bogaard, “Pasadena is a serious city but it’s also a city where it’s easy to have fun.” Because of this, Big Whup is looking forward to playing at the Make Music Festival, which is part of the World Music Day collection of festivities.

We’ll be playing at 1:00 PM on the Vroman’s stage in Downtown Pasadena. Later that day, you can catch our pals Moses Campbell on the very same stage!

The whole thing is free. Here is the official website.



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Big Whup concert calendar!

  • Friday, June 4 @ Echo Curio. w/ Moses Campbell, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Spirit Vine. As Lil’ Whup.
  • Saturday, June 5 @ Higginbotham Park in Claremont. Cochina Fest w/ Moses Campbell, So Many Wizards, Nicole Kidman, Kyle Mabson, Ancient Crux, the Monolators and more!

  • Saturday, June 12 @ Origami Vinyl. w/ Michael Nhat, Moses Campbell. As Lil’ Whup.

Big Whup <3 Johnny O

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We just can’t get enough of Johnny O’Donnell!  We met him at the LA Record XMas party at Bedrock and played with his band for the first time at Redwood Bar.  They fuckin rule!  Hip swingin rhythms and booty bumpin bass lines lay the foundation for the house of Johnny O: Piano lines that perfectly combine honky tonk bar rags with twinkly top end accents and a guitarist who can chug and croon alllllll night long topped with a magical slide player who plucks and glides, summoning invisible singers and psychedelic Western sound scapes.  Tapping the conventions of rock and reggae, funk, soul, and country like a kid sneaking samples in a candy store, this band’s gravitational pull sucks it all in and spits out something totally their own.  It’s the new 70s y’all!  Complete with long hair, polyester, high waisted jeans and a pair of mustaches.  Oh, and a crowd of fans that will make fun of you until you dance so hard you’re either upside down or throwing chairs.


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Friday, Jan 22 @ L’keg. Space Hell closing reception with Big Whup, Signals, David Scott Stone, Dave Sirus:

Thursday, Feb 11 @ The Smell. Big Whup Industries presents Big Whup, Michael Nhat, No Paws (No Lions), Pangea:

Morgy and Drew eat pot brownies at LA Record Xmas party, see trees doing weird stuff

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Geoff and Morgan in LA Record Xmas party art show!

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Geoff, Drew and Morgan @ Porchfest II

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Geoff opened Porchfest II in the middle room and was totally juiced. Morgan and I blew bubbles up at him and sang along. Whitman played in a pile of balloons. Kevin Greenspon turned the front room into a balloon. Brother Mitya sang under the arch. Morgan and I made everyone sit on my bed in the dark. Voice on Tape made everyone cry in the middle room. Nicole Kidman made everyone hug in the middle room. Lola Loshkey jumped around on Morgan’s bed til everyone got creeped out or bored. It was Jon’s tour kick off party, and we all stayed up until 6 or 7 am after Surfer Blood played an acoustic set while singing out of Parti who was tucked between my skellie legs and after I learned how to play Reni’s accordion to Lou’s guitar in front of about 15 VIPs in Christine’s chill spot. You can read more about it here. Below are Pablo’s and Charles’ pictures from the night:

New song, new videos, new show, BIG WHUP

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Hi everyone —

It’s been an eventful time for us lately! Thanks to everyone who came out to our show on Friday night at Echo Curio, and to the people who helped get the word out. Here’s a good pic from the night, courtesy of Losang Eles:

We just posted a new song, B.O.N.I.Z. H.E.A.R.T., to our Myspace page. The song features Drew on lead vocals as she tells a pseudo-French tale about a sea creature and luv.

In other news, The Deli Magazine is holding an online poll to determine their next artist of the month, and Big Whup is on the list. Go here to vote for us (the voting is on the right side of the page).

A couple of weeks ago we played on Demolisten. Four videos from that show have been posted on Youtube – click here to go and see the playlist.

On that same night, we played L’keg and Avebury records was there to record it. Thanks Avebury!:

Anyway… We’ve got one more show left before 2009 ends. Come out to Pehrspace on Friday, Dec 11 and help us celebrate a really great year in the Kingdom of Whup. The address on the following flier is wrong – should read “325 Glendale Blvd:”

This week in Big Whup

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So this week has a lot of events! Here’s what’s going on:

Wednesday, May 6 – Drew and Geoff are playing a set of Big Whup songs on KUCI’s “What Goes?” program. The show airs from 3-5 PM PST on 88.9 FM in Orange County and online everywhere at There will also be an appearance by members of Pizza!

Friday, May 8 – Big Whup plays the Smell, at 247 S. Main Street in Los Angeles. Also playing are the Studiofix, Pizza!, and My Pet Saddle. The Smell is an all-ages venue and admission is $5.

Saturday, May 9 – Big Whup plays Echo Curio, at 1519 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. Also playing are Seasons, Collisions, and Odd Modern. Echo Curio is an all-ages venue and admission is $5.

We hope to see you there!

Wednesday at the Smell!

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