Big Whup records in San Francisco!

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Visit Ameoba Music at 1855 Haight Street in San Francisco to pick up a Big Whup 7″ for $4.98! Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM has a copy of our record, too, so tune in and call in!


Big Whup t-shirt spotted at the Smell!!

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Morgy and Drew on KXLU

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The lovely Molly Shelton of KXLU invited us to the station today to promote our release show. We played “Cover My Eyes” and “BONIZ HEART” off the record and took pictures of Molly adding it to the KXLU library. Then we played a song by every band playing at the Smell and at the Girlhouse after party, and we gave away two test copies of our record. We talked mostly about getting naked and getting our periods. Molly is totally awesome and apparently an excellent leaf player, so we’re hoping she can play leaves for Big Whup some day…

Our playlist:
“Cover My Eyes” by Big Whup
“BLOO MOOB” by Pizza!
“BONIZ HEART” by Big Whup
“Nico” by So Many Wizards
“Morose” by Stereo Total
“We Come from the Bright Side” by 60-Watt Kid
“Lookin for Love in the Wrong Places” by Polite Society or Murder
“I Look Above Me” by Morgan Gee
“Blah Blah Bye Bye” by Drew Denny and the Friend Group

OK So Stereo Total isn’t going to play with us on Saturday but I saw their CD while grabbing the 60-Watt Kid and just couldn’t resist. They are one of my very favorite bands and definitely a huge influence on me… Oh.. Ah..

Big Whup <3 Johnny O

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We just can’t get enough of Johnny O’Donnell!  We met him at the LA Record XMas party at Bedrock and played with his band for the first time at Redwood Bar.  They fuckin rule!  Hip swingin rhythms and booty bumpin bass lines lay the foundation for the house of Johnny O: Piano lines that perfectly combine honky tonk bar rags with twinkly top end accents and a guitarist who can chug and croon alllllll night long topped with a magical slide player who plucks and glides, summoning invisible singers and psychedelic Western sound scapes.  Tapping the conventions of rock and reggae, funk, soul, and country like a kid sneaking samples in a candy store, this band’s gravitational pull sucks it all in and spits out something totally their own.  It’s the new 70s y’all!  Complete with long hair, polyester, high waisted jeans and a pair of mustaches.  Oh, and a crowd of fans that will make fun of you until you dance so hard you’re either upside down or throwing chairs.

oh, poopstain!

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oh, poopstain!

Morgy and Drew eat pot brownies at LA Record Xmas party, see trees doing weird stuff

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Geoff and Morgan in LA Record Xmas party art show!

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Geoff, Drew and Morgan @ Porchfest II

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Geoff opened Porchfest II in the middle room and was totally juiced. Morgan and I blew bubbles up at him and sang along. Whitman played in a pile of balloons. Kevin Greenspon turned the front room into a balloon. Brother Mitya sang under the arch. Morgan and I made everyone sit on my bed in the dark. Voice on Tape made everyone cry in the middle room. Nicole Kidman made everyone hug in the middle room. Lola Loshkey jumped around on Morgan’s bed til everyone got creeped out or bored. It was Jon’s tour kick off party, and we all stayed up until 6 or 7 am after Surfer Blood played an acoustic set while singing out of Parti who was tucked between my skellie legs and after I learned how to play Reni’s accordion to Lou’s guitar in front of about 15 VIPs in Christine’s chill spot. You can read more about it here. Below are Pablo’s and Charles’ pictures from the night:

BW travels east in space, back in time to see Pizza! at Manimal

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Our friends Pizza! were playing Manimal Festival at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown, CA so we Morgan and I drove out to the desert with Christine and Daiana where we saw a tricky shoot out with live horses, jumped around to lots of trippy music, and ate acid-laced sugar cubes. I wrote about it here. See below for a photo of live horses followed by some blueberry pancakes and memories from the motorcycle shop attached to the blueberry pancakes.


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the tleilaxu music machine, a wacky internet friend of ours, took a picture of Jenna and Drew and made it way cooler:Jenna and Drew at SXSW
Ain’t it neat?

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