Big Whup records in San Francisco!

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Visit Ameoba Music at 1855 Haight Street in San Francisco to pick up a Big Whup 7″ for $4.98! Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM has a copy of our record, too, so tune in and call in!


Free festival on Saturday in Pasadena

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The mayor thinks you'll enjoy this.

By all indications, this will be fun. According to Mayor Bill Bogaard, “Pasadena is a serious city but it’s also a city where it’s easy to have fun.” Because of this, Big Whup is looking forward to playing at the Make Music Festival, which is part of the World Music Day collection of festivities.

We’ll be playing at 1:00 PM on the Vroman’s stage in Downtown Pasadena. Later that day, you can catch our pals Moses Campbell on the very same stage!

The whole thing is free. Here is the official website.

Very Process Oriented

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oh, poopstain!

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oh, poopstain!

Bite Me (literally) and Reptile Girl: the Big Whup records are ready for pick up

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YAYYYY!!! A beautiful sunny day and dear Morgy’s companionship made the drive to El Segundo a delight. We met a badass tshirt, introduced Morgy to the machines, and found Morgy’s soul mate in traffic- a girl with a license plate that read “RPTLGRL”.

Coolest factory ever!

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I drove rainy highways from Valencia to El Segundo to Bill Smith so I could take a listen to the test pressing of our record. I enjoyed an educational tour of the factory from Mr Kevin Smith himself- Definitely the coolest machines I’ve ever seen. I got to see our little records getting squished like pancakes from black rabbit poops down metal chutes and onto automated kabobs. Sounds good! All systems a go.

Jenna sacrifices her wrist for a margarita glass, practice moves to Highland Park

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Record Desicion #432.17 (c) : Labels : Stamps : Wood blocks

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Rand and his robot at work:

Record Decision #432.17(b) : Labels : Stamps : Ink

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Since we can’t afford to have our record labels professionally printed, we’re going to stamp them by hand! We don’t wanna have an “A” side or “B” side on our record, so we’re going to have a “Hoof” side and a “Mouth” side. Morgy drew a beautiful hoof and Rand designed a really intense croc jaw. Rand is going to feed the drawings to a special robot that lives in his lab, and the robot is going to turn them into beautiful wood block stamps. I stopped by Blick after work for a quick ink pick up but ended up spending about half an hour in there cause I dropped my glasses and a little piece of them broke off and disappeared underneath the shelves. I was on my hands and knees swiping dust bunnies and Dora the Explorer Band Aids out from under the shelf when a really sweet Blick employee brought over a yard stick and went at it. We found lots of gross trash and old colored pencils in weird shades but not the piece of my glasses. I was sort of sad about it until I stood back up and found all these different kinds of rubber for casting boobs and babies plus an awesome hot pink fabric ink.

Record Decision #432.17(a) : Labels

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Two years after recording our first song, we’re making our very first record!! We’re excited and nervous and taking months to make it happen which is funny cause we’ve never spent more than two days on any recording… After deciding how many songs to release and which ones, how to master them, which record company to choose and what type of record to press, we’re now deciding what color labels to use. So many decisions!
In case you’re wondering, we chose to release two songs – BONIZ HEART and Cover My Eyes – on a 7″ record mastered by Carlos at Music Friends (of course) and pressed by Bill Smith Custom Records. We’re stickin with simple black vinyl with bright yellow labels:

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