Big Whup records in San Francisco!

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Visit Ameoba Music at 1855 Haight Street in San Francisco to pick up a Big Whup 7″ for $4.98! Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM has a copy of our record, too, so tune in and call in!


#2 on KXLU and new Silverlake Jubilee reviews

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KXLU‘s CMJ Charts for the week of May 25, 2010:

1    FUTURE ISLANDS    In Evening Air    Thrill Jockey
2    BIG WHUP    Big Whup [7-Inch]
3    CAPTAIN AHAB    The End Of Irony
4    AVI BUFFALO    Avi Buffalo    SUB POP
5    MALE BONDING Nothing Hurts    Sub Pop
6    TY SEGALL AND MIKAL CRONIN    Reverse Shark Attack    Kill Shaman
7    DOUBLE DAGGER    Masks [EP]
8    MI AMI    Steal Your Face    Thrill Jockey
9    THE FALL    Your Future Our Clutter    Domino
10    CARNIVORES     All Night Dead USA    Double Phantom

#2 on KXLU this week!

KXLU is actually only one of three radio stations that currently has a copy of our single (the other two are KUCI and KCSB), and we’re really grateful for all that they’ve done to help promote us. We don’t have a label, and we don’t have any distribution, so even if it’s just this one station we’re so excited that we’re getting enough support to compete with such talented national acts with well-funded promotional campaigns. We would, of course, love to make it to the number one position. If you feel the love, why not call 310-338-5958 and request either “BONIZ HEART” or “Cover My Eyes?” You can also use AIM with your Facebook account now, so if you’re shy why not check out AIM Express and sent a message to screen name KXLUDJ?

We won’t ask you again. We sincerely appreciate the help!

In other news, we got some really friendly press from bloggers Lord Growing (check his review here) and Seraphina from Beatcrave (check out her review here). We’re so flattered, thank you!!!

Thanks, KXLU DJs!

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KXLU‘s CMJ Charts for the week of May 18, 2010:

1. Mi Ami- Steal Your Face
2. Avi Buffalo- Avi Buffalo
3. Big Whup- Big Whup [7″]
4. Moses Campbell– who are you? who is anyone?
5. Male Bonding- Nothing Hurts
6. Future Islands– In Evening Air
7. Quasi- American Gong
8. Double Dagger- Masks [EP]
9. The Fall- You Future Our Clutter
10. Best Coast– When I’m With You [Single]

Morgy and Drew on KXLU

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The lovely Molly Shelton of KXLU invited us to the station today to promote our release show. We played “Cover My Eyes” and “BONIZ HEART” off the record and took pictures of Molly adding it to the KXLU library. Then we played a song by every band playing at the Smell and at the Girlhouse after party, and we gave away two test copies of our record. We talked mostly about getting naked and getting our periods. Molly is totally awesome and apparently an excellent leaf player, so we’re hoping she can play leaves for Big Whup some day…

Our playlist:
“Cover My Eyes” by Big Whup
“BLOO MOOB” by Pizza!
“BONIZ HEART” by Big Whup
“Nico” by So Many Wizards
“Morose” by Stereo Total
“We Come from the Bright Side” by 60-Watt Kid
“Lookin for Love in the Wrong Places” by Polite Society or Murder
“I Look Above Me” by Morgan Gee
“Blah Blah Bye Bye” by Drew Denny and the Friend Group

OK So Stereo Total isn’t going to play with us on Saturday but I saw their CD while grabbing the 60-Watt Kid and just couldn’t resist. They are one of my very favorite bands and definitely a huge influence on me… Oh.. Ah..

New song, new videos, new show, BIG WHUP

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Hi everyone —

It’s been an eventful time for us lately! Thanks to everyone who came out to our show on Friday night at Echo Curio, and to the people who helped get the word out. Here’s a good pic from the night, courtesy of Losang Eles:

We just posted a new song, B.O.N.I.Z. H.E.A.R.T., to our Myspace page. The song features Drew on lead vocals as she tells a pseudo-French tale about a sea creature and luv.

In other news, The Deli Magazine is holding an online poll to determine their next artist of the month, and Big Whup is on the list. Go here to vote for us (the voting is on the right side of the page).

A couple of weeks ago we played on Demolisten. Four videos from that show have been posted on Youtube – click here to go and see the playlist.

On that same night, we played L’keg and Avebury records was there to record it. Thanks Avebury!:

Anyway… We’ve got one more show left before 2009 ends. Come out to Pehrspace on Friday, Dec 11 and help us celebrate a really great year in the Kingdom of Whup. The address on the following flier is wrong – should read “325 Glendale Blvd:”

Big Whup on Demolisten!

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We played demolisten for the very first time!! We were so excited that we accidentally said ‘fuck’ twice during the show. Morgan washed our mouths out with soap, though, so we’ve learned our lesson and hope we will be invited to return soon. Our friend, Pablo, took these pictures. Thanks, Pablo!

This week in Big Whup

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So this week has a lot of events! Here’s what’s going on:

Wednesday, May 6 – Drew and Geoff are playing a set of Big Whup songs on KUCI’s “What Goes?” program. The show airs from 3-5 PM PST on 88.9 FM in Orange County and online everywhere at There will also be an appearance by members of Pizza!

Friday, May 8 – Big Whup plays the Smell, at 247 S. Main Street in Los Angeles. Also playing are the Studiofix, Pizza!, and My Pet Saddle. The Smell is an all-ages venue and admission is $5.

Saturday, May 9 – Big Whup plays Echo Curio, at 1519 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. Also playing are Seasons, Collisions, and Odd Modern. Echo Curio is an all-ages venue and admission is $5.

We hope to see you there!

Big Whup blurb on KUCI website

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Many thanks to Sam, music director at KUCI 88.9 in Irvine, for adding Big Whup to the station! This is what Sam had to say on their website:

“This is some catchy, quirky, incredible music. It is ostensibly indie-pop-rock, but most stuff that falls under that incredibly broad ‘genre’ is hardly this inventive and genre-squashing.”

Gee whiz, we’re collectively blushing!!

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