“B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T. <3 <3 <3"

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Directed by Kate Gill
Cinematography by Patrick Meade Jones
Edited by Eliot Dewberry
Production Managed by Nathalie Curtis
Choreographed by Stephanie Jamieson


Video Premiere, Dec 13 at Pehrspace

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We’re happy to announce the December 13 premiere of videos for “B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T. ♥ ♥ ♥” and “COVER MY EYES.”

Hosted by Pehrspace and presented by Sean Carnage. RSVP on Facebook.

Kid Static

David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan
(as seen on Adult Swim’s “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”)

Peter Pants

DJ Kyle Mabson


LA indie pop purveyors Big Whup celebrate the joint release of their first two music videos with a screening that pairs dictators with dancers and pillow fighting with glitter. Band members Drew Denny, Jenna Eyrich, Geoff Geis, Morgan Gee, and Rand Voorhies joined forces with directors Kate Gill and Matthew Chevlen for two whirlwind shoots featuring favorite LA locales (Elysian Park, Pehrspace, the Sweat Spot, Girlhouse) as well as fellow LA locals (including friends from musical projects including Nicole Kidman, Corridor, Essay, Peter Pants, Slumberbeast, and Johnny O’Donnell). Employing handmade pinatas, extravagant costumes, a well-worn stuffed Pegasus, and lots of underwear, the videos for “B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T. ♥ ♥ ♥” and “Cover My Eyes” visually explore the quirky bliss for which Big Whup has become known throughout the last year. These two songs comprise Big Whup’s first vinyl single, which quickly went to #2 on KXLU after being self-released on May 1 to a capacity crowd at the Smell.

Along with the debut of the new Big Whup videos will be the screening of a collection of music videos and short films curated by Big Whup Industries, an extension of Big Whup that last year produced the popular What is Happening… compilation CD surveying the best in the Angelino D.I.Y. pop scene and this year released the first Big Whup single. Accompanying the screenings will be live musical performances from Big Whup, Kid Static, Peter Pants, David Liebe Hart & Adam Papagan (formerly of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”), and DJ Kyle Mabson.

Part of an on-going weekly concert series promoted by longtime D.I.Y. stalwart Sean Carnage, this All Ages show is scheduled for Monday, December 13, at Pehrspace (325 Glendale Blvd).

Big Whup t-shirt spotted at the Smell!!

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From: Rand Voorhies
To: me, Jenna, Geoff, Morgan
on May 10 (8 days ago)

I’m in Florida at a vision symposium this week.

Mouth side

Just found this on my phone and thought you might like it-

New Big Whup Shirts!!

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We made extra special t-shirts for our record release party: GOLD!!! Send us an email at bigwhup@gmail.com if you’d like one!

Morgy and Drew on KXLU

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The lovely Molly Shelton of KXLU invited us to the station today to promote our release show. We played “Cover My Eyes” and “BONIZ HEART” off the record and took pictures of Molly adding it to the KXLU library. Then we played a song by every band playing at the Smell and at the Girlhouse after party, and we gave away two test copies of our record. We talked mostly about getting naked and getting our periods. Molly is totally awesome and apparently an excellent leaf player, so we’re hoping she can play leaves for Big Whup some day…

Our playlist:
“Cover My Eyes” by Big Whup
“BLOO MOOB” by Pizza!
“BONIZ HEART” by Big Whup
“Nico” by So Many Wizards
“Morose” by Stereo Total
“We Come from the Bright Side” by 60-Watt Kid
“Lookin for Love in the Wrong Places” by Polite Society or Murder
“I Look Above Me” by Morgan Gee
“Blah Blah Bye Bye” by Drew Denny and the Friend Group

OK So Stereo Total isn’t going to play with us on Saturday but I saw their CD while grabbing the 60-Watt Kid and just couldn’t resist. They are one of my very favorite bands and definitely a huge influence on me… Oh.. Ah..

Where Does the Honeybee Live?

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After picking up the Big Whup record jackets, Morgan and I decided to make a Lola Loshkey recording. We put on our skeleton suits, ate mushroom cupcakes, and made a song called “Where Does the Honeybee Live?”*

We wanted to surprise Christine with a cupcake and a record, so we waited in her room for about two hours but she didn’t come home. Morgan decided to get some work done while we waited:

*There is a big bush with purple flowers growing out of the stairs on Girlhouse side porch. Every day, it is covered with bees. They love it! Paul hates them, but I won’t cut it down because bees are good to have around. Thing is, I feel this interaction is a bit too one-sided. These bees are taking all our nectar and not giving us any honey. SO I have decided to follow them home, find out where they live and ask them for a little bit of honey. I heard that if you smoke beneath the hive, the bees think their hive is on fire so they vacate. That’s when you grab the honey! But I probably won’t do this plan because I think it’s mean plus I don’t smoke.


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After picking up the records, we met this tiny puppy named Estrellita. She snuggled with us and rolled over a bunch then ran away home.

Fly a Kite in the Cemetary

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Morgy and I got lost on our way to pick up the record jackets so we drove around Hollywood Forever listening to So Many Wizards and trying to talk to a peacock.

Why We Were Late

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Don’t tell the boys! Jenna came up from Fullerton early to hang out so we all put on matching pink and flesh tone see through tops then watched the Fourth Kind. Both Christine and Morgan think they were abducted as children. During the abduction sequence, Morgan bugged out her eyes and got mad at the TV: “Fuck I really WAS abducted! God damn it.”

Jenna almost peed on the futon, and I cried. We were thirty minutes late for load in. Sorry guys.

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